WOW! I’m no longer the only one!

WOW! I’m no longer the only one!

More validation of the cause and cure of homosexuality!

A friend of mine who is a certified Kambo practitioner told me of a friend of his who underwent 3 applications of Kambo over the course of a month. (Kambo is a traditional medicine used to cleanse the body of parasites, negativity, clean the human energy field and stimulate the immune system.) So after the treatments, the friend of my friend told him that he was now interested in women again and that he is not gay any more. He attributes his new perspective to the Kambo! So, in addition to Turpentine, Wormwood, Male Fern & Rue, we can now add Kambo frog medicine to the list of NATURAL healing modalities that effectively eradicates parasites from the human organism!

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