Welcome to HomosexualityCure.com!

Welcome to HomosexualityCure.com!

Hello & welcome to my blog. My name is Mike and for the last 29 years, I have believed I was gay. My family believed I was gay and everyone I know thought I was gay too. I have been in a same sex relationship for the last 28 years and both my partner and I thought I was gay and that I would always be gay.

A few months back (going on six now),I got interested in parasite cleansing. We make and sell soap that is free of artificial color, fragrance or any petrochemicals and is made from 100% natural, nontoxic ingredients and a customer of mine told me that she was diagnosed with stage four lung and bowel cancer but when she went for a second opinion, the doctor told her “it’s not cancer- it’s parasites”. So, strangely enough, we all considered it very good news that she has lung (she’s literally coughing up worms) and bowel infestations of parasites. Compared to cancer, parasites are easy to get rid of, but still a pretty horrific condition to be in. So we started researching parasites.

Early in this research, we found out that virtually everyone is to some degree, parasitized. Everyone- including me and including you. This is true in rich countries like the USA and not (as most believe) limited to third world, developing countries with substandard health and hygiene infrastructures.

Another thing we discovered is that parasites are involved in almost every disease in the book. Cancer, arthritis, heart disease and perhaps most surprisingly most psychiatric disorders as well.

This knowledge was all the motivation that my partner and I needed to start applying aggressive anti parasite methods and materials to cleanse ourselves of any possible parasites.

I completely lost my gay feelings, thoughts and inclinations back in February of 2016. As I develop this site, I will include more details about myself, my former gay life, how I healed my body and mind and how life is for me now. Please check back soon, register and post your questions and comments to me. If you would like to undergo the same process I did to heal yourself, feel free to contact me

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