At last! My video about the accidental cure!

At last! My video about the accidental cure!

Hello friends! After many months of working on the outline and information to fully present the logic, observations and discovery/realization we have had about how desire for anal sex (active or passive) is a symptom of a dangerous and contagious parasite infestation that should be eradicated as quickly as possible in order to preserve health, whether it’s in males or females, straight or gay. Please feel free to share this video with your friends and loved ones and most especially with people who have the desire for anal sex and would rather not live with the symptom and all the health problems it can create.

Since stumbling upon this truth (that the desire and enjoyment of anal sex is a symptom of a dangerous parasite infestation) we have received a flood of support and gratitude from countless hundreds of people who are amazed, shocked and happy to finally have this mystery of human behavior solved. We now know of at least 10 more people who have had the same experience and changes to their life, mental habits and sexual orientation. Sadly, because of political incorrectness and scorn from people who believe that parasites could never cause these sorts of deviations in a persons sexuality, these people who have been freed of the parasites are unwilling to go public and share openly about their own transformations.

Because of the derision and hate that has also come up from sharing this revelation, we realize that some people are finding it offensive. However, it is our belief that facts are more important than feelings and truth is LOVE!

Please share your comments and questions below and on the YouTube video site. Health and happiness to all!!!

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